Linux Kernel Greynet implementation (RFC6018)

Last year I completed my 3rd year project, entitled "Facilitating the Collection and Analysis of Suspicious IPv4/6 Network Activity using a Greynet". The aim of the project was to build a test implementation for the then unreleased "RFC 6018 - IPv4 and IPv6 Greynets".

My objective was to create a working prototype of a dynamic greynet. To do this I made modifications to the Linux kernel (v2.6.31) which I have now made available here. The Greynet forwards incoming packets that do not receive a valid ARP/ND response to a configurable IP address/port. To use the Greynet, a few function calls need to be inserted into the neighbour.c file within the net/core folder. An example diff is given here.

For more information about IPv4 and IPv6 Greynets, see the RFC. For any questions relating to my code please feel free to pop me an email.