Bash Script to Get and Apply a Remote Darcs Patch

Here's a short shell script that I use when reviewing patches from the Darcs bugtracker, roundup.

I often review patches by following simple steps:

  1. Downloading the submitted dpatch file.
  2. Grabbing a copy of the "screened" repo - containing all "quick sanity checked" submitted patches - and removing patches not in the dpatch's context.
  3. Applying the dpatch.

I can then check the implementation of the patch, and screen away!

Of course, I noticed myself redoing these three steps several times, before finally submitting and hacking some bash:

#! /bin/bash

# Exit on any failures.
set -e


# I often do this in /tmp, so the target may already exist...

# Grab the patch.
wget $1 --output-document $PATCH_NAME

# No need to copy the patch contents of the screened repo.
darcs get --lazy --context $PATCH_NAME $REPO_NAME


# Apply the submitted dpatch.
darcs apply ../$PATCH_NAME
# echo the directory, so we can pipe the output into cd, for example.