gziprb - Gzip implemented in Ruby

Over the last few months, I have created gziprb, a pure-Ruby implementation of the famous GZIP/DEFLATE format. It is (definitely!) not optimised for performance, but was instead created as a learning exercise to try and understand the gzip format. It was certainly interesting to understand the bit-packing, storage-optimisation and low-level deflate algorithm that go together to create gzip.

We can run some very simple tests to make sure the basics are working (the project specs contain many more-involved examples than this!).


> echo 'ABCabcabcXYZ11111ABC' | bundle exec exe/gziprb | gunzip


> echo 'ABCabcabcXYZ11111ABC' | gzip | bundle exec exe/gunziprb

Please take a look and maybe give gziprb a try!